Ivan King released his new single “Without Fear” on December 15th, 2019. The whole EP The Ballad of the Dead Man is available from late January 2020 everywhere. The industrial EP is produced and mastered by NeroArgento, it has two special guests: Infernalizer and Nicolas IX and the song “Without Fear” was choosen by the Californian industrial duo DK-Zero for a remix.
Ivan King directed and shot five music videos for the EP, one for each track and the videos of the tracks “Metamorphosis”, “Psychobreak” and “The End of the Line” are linked by the same storyline called “The Arc“.

Below, the complete discography:

  • “Bloodshot”  [Single] (2012)
  • “Divine” [Single] (2014)
  • “Madamefucker” feat. Synthrome [Single] (2015)
  • “Immorality” [Single] (2017)
  • “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” [Single] (2017)
  • “Without Fear” DK-Zero Remix [Single] (2019)
  • “The Ballad of the Dead Man” [EP] (2020)
  • “Extinction” [Single] (2023)


Vita Museum is an alternative rock project, created in 2014 by Ivan King based in London.

The music style has been influenced by various genres like grunge, electro, gothic and industrial rock.
The project started recording the debut album “Frozen Limbo Zero” (aka FLØ) in August 2014.
The record features twelve tracks: all of them were composed and written by Ivan King during the last ten years and they’re based on his own personal life experiences. FLØ is produced and arranged by multi-instrumentalist and producer NeroArgento at AExeron Studio.

On December 1st 2014, an album teaser was released online and on May 28th their first single “Somebody to Destroy” came out. The homonymous video is directed and edited by Ivan King himself.

Frozen Limbo Zero” has been released October 27th 2015.






Brought to life by the devious minds of the multi-instrumentalist and producer NeroArgento (already active with his main band NeroArgento and the modern metal act The Stranded as keyboardist, besides being involved in many collaborations worldwide as a producer, arranger and musician) and vocalist Infernalizer (known for being the voice of anger of the death metal institution Disarmonia Mundi, The Stranded and 5 Star Grave) The Silverblack is an industrial metal creature that quickly developed its own malicious sound, spitting out extremely catchy industrial metal tracks, mainly keyboard-driven and supported by a wide range of vocals (from goth deep voices to extremely irate death metal shouts) featuring both sharp and aggressive passages and more atmospheric and eerie moments.

During the years, the band released four LP albums and two EP. The latest record is “Prototype 6:17”, followed by the acoustic EP “Lullabies For The Departed (Chapter I)“.

The Silverblack
are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their brand new album entitled “Judgment”. The record, scheduled for a 2021 release via the German label darkTunes Music Group, has been described as a shift towards a more aggressive and heavy sound and features an exclusive collaboration with Fear Factory‘s lead singer Burton C. Bell on the title track.

The Silverblack complete discography:

  • “The Silverblack”  [Single] (2014)
  • The Grand Turmoil” [Album] (2015)
  • The Silverblack” (Re-worked Version) [Album] (2016)
  • The Industrial Chapters” [EP] (2017)
  • Rain On A Wedding Day” [Album] (2018)
  • Prototype 6:17” [Album] (2019)
  • Lullabies For The Departed (Chapter I)” [Album] (2020)