Ivan King attended an art school to become a comic-book artist, but, during the studies, he decided to dedicate himself to cinema.

When he was 15, he began filming short movies, as a director, editor and actor.

In 2010 he created the “king UNIT“, a filmakers team.

His first important short film was “Like God” (2012), winner of the Best Short Film Award at The Reign of Horror Short Movie Awards 2013, followed by “The House of the Rising Sun” (2014), winner of the Silver Award at California Film Awards 2014.

In early 2017, king UNIT started to work on a new project: a thriller/horror short film based on a popular Native Americans legend. The project, first known with the working title “Fungus“, was later developed as “The Jäger Within“. The film was submitted to various festival such as David di Donatello 2021, American Horror Film Festival 2020, Fi-Pi-Li Horror Festival 2020, winning as “Best Film” at Cult Movies International Film Festival 2020, “Best Short Producer” and “Best Produced Short Script” at the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo 2020 and “Best Special Effects” award at Visioni Notturne 2020 and many other selections.

The Jäger Within” was released on Amazon Prime Video during October 2020 for USA and UK users. It was later released on king UNIT official YouTube channel.

Nowadays Ivan King is more focused on directing music videos than films, but he plans to work on movies again in the future.

Directed Films:

Directed Videoclips:

  • Ivan King – “Bloodshot” (2012)
  • Zombie Sam – “A Hallow Tale” (2013)
  • Zombie Sam – “Woman in White” (2013)
  • Ivan King – “Divine” (2013)
  • NeroArgento Subkilla – “The Walking Undead” (2014)
  • The Silverblack – “Chimera” (2014)
  • Fabiano Andreacchio – “SEXonnia” (2015)
  • Fabiano Andreacchio – “Dream of a far Landscape” (2015)
  • Vita Museum – “Somebody to Destroy” (2015)
  • The Silverblack – “The Grand Turmoil” (2015)
  • The Silverblack – “Anymore” (2016)
  • Sara “InkHeart” Frusciante – “Bites”  (2016)
  • NeroArgento – “Kill the Lies” (2016)
  • The Silverblack – “Dandelion” (2016)
  • VIIII – “Leech” (2017)
  • VIIII – “Fury” (2017)
  • Ivan King – “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” (2017)
  • 5 Star Grave – “The Ballad of the Vampire” (2017)
  • 5 Star Grave – “Eat You Alive” (2017)
  • The Silverblack – “Martyr” (2018)
  • Lost in the Dream – Drawn (2020)
  • Lost in the Dream – Tokyo (2020)
  • Ivan King – Without Fear (2019)
  • Ivan King – Metamorphosis (2020)
  • Ivan King – Psychobreak (2020)
  • Ivan King – The End of the Line (2020)
  • Ivan King – You Made Me Do It (2020)
  • Ivan King – Without Fear (DK-Zero Remix) (2020)
  • Ivan King – Extinction (2023)



Ivan King started acting at the age of 15, starring in his own short films.
During the years he also worked in many different Italian/European indipendent movie projects.
Acting is not Ivan King‘s main vocation, but he enjoys physical roles, like action heroes or monsters.


Acting Roles in Films/Series:


Acting Roles in Videoclips:

  • Zombie Sam – “A Hallow Tale” (2013)
  • Zombie Sam – “Woman in White” (2013)
  • NeroArgento Subkilla – “The Walking Undead” (2014)
  • Expired – “Misanthropy” (2015)
  • NeroArgento – Soldiers of Afterlife (2016)
  • 5 Star Grave – “Eat You Alive” (2017)



In early 2010, Ivan King started a collaboration with his old friend and make up artist Francesco Sanseverino.

The duo brought to life many different creatures for movies, videos, make up tutorials or just photosets.

It’s not a secret: Ivan King favorite roles are monsters and he’s trying to become a “monster icon” like Doug Jones.